gone west

  • logoprovincie

Artistic commemoration of the centenary of the Great War in West Flanders

The province of West Flanders culterally commemorated the centenary of the Great War from 2014 until 2018. This contemporary, future-oriented and multidisciplinary commemoration was given the name ‘GoneWest’.

‘to go west’ is an old English (Celtic) expression meaning as much as to die or it refers to the going west of the dead, along with the sunset. The expression was used intensively by soldiers and the ‘War Poets’. ‘To go west’ also got a very literal meaning: the allied front was present in the western part of the Western Front. The killed and wounded were literally brought to the west. Furthermore with the German invasion the war in Belgium went from east to west across the country, after which it stayed in the ‘Westhoek’ for four years.

GoneWest connects countless lifestories with solid historical awareness and shows these small and big stories through events with music, dance and theatre as well as through literature and visual arts.

If you have any questions on the project, you can contact the office of GoneWest: