How the story grew

The connectedness between all our godfathers and godmothers and the project again showed during the period of the implementation of the installation. All godfathers and godmothers received an invitation to come and help us place sculptures for a day somewhere between 1 February and 25 March 2018. Almost 4,000 people reacted very enthusiastically and wanted to be actively engaged in this phase of the project as well.

We had calculated that we needed to place 12,000 sculptures a day to meet the deadline of 29th of March, the official opening. It was hard to know beforehand if this was feasible as the groups varied and we had of course no control over the weather conditions. But each group of volunteers brought a new wave of energy and enthusiasm to the site, come rain or shine. Volunteers brought homemade cookies or apple cake for everyone, placed sculptures together with friends as part of a birthday activity, travelled all the way from England with the family to be involved or took a day off from work to come and place their sculpture out of their ambassador's box. And so the installation grew under the approving eye of lots of people that feel warmly connected to the project.